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EMAX Clean - PEHD bottle

EMAX Clean - PEHD bottle

EMAX Clean

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EMAX Clean bottle - PEHD bottle made from 100% recycled plastic with sprayhead and tilting cap

250ml bottle for our EMAX Clean cleaner tabs

The sustainable bottle solution

Small bottle fits perfectly in any pocket

With labeling field to mark which cleaner is in it


  • Material: PEHD
  • Delivery includes closure: 1x spray head and 1x tilt closure
  • Robust material
  • Capacity: 250ml
  • Country of manufacture: Switzerland

Your benefits

  • 100% recycled plastic
  • Two different attachments depending on what you like or need
  • The spray head atomizes the cleaner and spreads it over the ball surface
  • The toggle closure is handy if you just want to put the cleaner on a towel
  • Less plastic - less transport - we are taking a sustainable approach to bowling

Our EMAX tip

  • Our EMAX bottle can be reused
  • The EMAX Clean cleaning tabs fit perfectly through the opening, so you can refill the bottle
  • You save yourself buying new cleaner bottles and can spray the bowling ball without hesitation
  • The simple application and the reliable effect speak for themselves

Revolutionize the bowling industry with us. It's in your hands from now on.


Put the tab and 250ml water in our EMAX Clean spray bottle - let it take effect for 3-5 minutes.

Now the cleaner is ready to use.

Spray on the bowling ball and wipe with our EMAX Clean & Brush bristle cloth.

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